Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Holiday Guide #4

Two of my reasons for being thankful this year, my wonderful

I was brushing my hair last night and noticed how long it really! Today while I finish shopping I am going to get hair dye to do my hair again....Soon I will cut it and donate it to locks of love, something I have wanted to do forever I'm just not sure when it will happen. With Thanksgiving being tomorrow I sit and remember all the reasons I am thankful, two of those reasons are my cats Char and Totoro. Without them I think my day would lack excitement since they give me many laughs with all their jumping and playing. 

Today I will give you two amazing artists, one a graphic designer and one a graphic designer by day and wire wrapper by night. The graphic designer is my go to gal when I need something done, she does amazing things, she has done my banners for my store and does all the images for my bottle cap necklaces and domino pendants. The other is someone I have blogged about before, I love her wire wrapping and have a lot to learn from her! She has amazing technique and her designs are to die for!

The first, my go to gal, Tara. When I was new to the online selling scene I stumbled across her on Tophatter. I fell in love with her memory wire bracelets, yes she does jewelry too! and I asked her how she got her ends so even,  I still have some that aren't even some days but thanks to Tara I learned fast. She has taught me many things and I have fun talking to her and we vent to each other just like sisters! Now I'm not sure about you but it is good to have someone like her in the business. I have enjoyed taking the things that she sends my way and turning them into my own creations, it is fun. She does banners, clip art and images for domino, bottle caps and scrabble tiles and so much more. If you want to see more of Tara's work check her out at

Graphic designer by day and wire wrapper by night, Anne's work is is amazing! When I blogged about her last month I raved about her starfish I think, I love starfish and seeing hers made me smile! Her work is get for holiday decoration, jazzing up your house or having that standout accessory at the work party. Not only is she proud of her work but she also helps spread the word about fellow artists any way she can. If you need something out of the ordinary for this holiday season visit her at

Tomorrow I will take the day off since I will be busy with family but look for me again on Friday. Don't forget to visit my store on starting tomorrow for the 50% off sale using code FRIDAYMONDAY during checkout.  Check out the coupons page on Craft Cafe to find all the other stores that are having sales this weekend as well! Happy Thanksgiving!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Holiday Guide #3

Sorry, I know, I wasn't feeling good and then got depressed but things are looking up, I just have to keep reminding myself that everything happens for a reason! Well I hope you visited the four shops I have posted so far, I have some great ones for you today, some amazing artists and some great friends as well!! The weather here can't make up its mind, it is cold then warm then wonder people are getting sick! My cat however is better, he is himself again, bouncing all over the place and sleeping in bed like usual and I'm so happy for that!

Right now I have an amazing bead supplier who is in the process of moving, she is having a moving sale. So the less she has to pack the better. If you are in the need of supplies check out her site, she will make sure to take care of you and send things out fast. She has amazing customer service as well which is why I continue to purchase from her! Visit Kathi at Uniquely Yours @

Want to be the person the family loves for unique Christmas cards or cute tags on presents? Visit Parrie's shop and find all her amazing designs, each one with a wonderful touch of love, class and charm. The cards are beautiful, the tags are heartwarming...your family will think you spent hours on them when you really just did a point and click. Don't let it stop with the holidays either, she has cards and tags for all occasions! To check them out visit her at

For the soap lover on your list or just to decorate your bathroom for all the guest that will be stopping in this will be a great shop to visit! Patty has a little of everything, soap, eye shadow  sugar scrum, lip balm, lotion, perfume, and lip gloss. Her soaps are created to appeal to everyone, from children in the shape of crayons to gamers in the shape of game controllers and everything in between. Her cupcake soaps like the snowman featured is so detailed you would link is is an actual cupcake, I actually thought this when I looked at it! Check her out and see what you think at

For Black Friday and Cyber Monday I will be having a 50% off sale in my store, use code 'FRIDAYMONDAY' at checkout. Everything will be half off and if you have an idea in your head that you would like me to work with then please let me know, I welcome custom orders! You can find my shop at

I hope you enjoyed todays post, I will get more shops tomorrow I hope!, and do another post for you. Check out these stores and see what you think. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Holiday Guide #2

Yesterday was cat has been sick off and on since October 29th and I took him to the vet because he had pretty much stopped eating, they told me he had 'fever of unknown origin' and an infection that they couldn't pinpoint but filled him full of fluids and put him on some antibiotics and he seems to be doing better already. I am starting to relax a bit but he still is not eating much....maybe once the fever is gone completely and hes hydrated again, he will eat normally, it don't help that he is part Siamese! 

So, our shops yesterday were two amazing artists, each day I will give you at least two depending on if I miss the day before but I am hoping I am able to keep on track! Today I am going to give you an amazing clay worker, her and her daughter are able to make just about anything you can think of and my go to soap gal!

The Soothing Soul, that just sounds relaxing!, has soap for the whole family. Helene makes soap for the husband-which we have tried and my man loves, the wife-which I love and have several of, the kids-which are so cute and if I had little ones I know I would have some of, and the furbabies-I haven't tried these yet but I'm sure I will! One of my favorite things about shopping at The Soothing Soul is if you want oats added to a bar extra coffee in the Coffee Peppermint soap she will do that, Helene enjoys having happy customers! Stop by and check out her amazing soaps and wonderful line of Christmas soaps at


H.M's Pretty Little Jewels makes wonderful things out of clay. The cupcakes that you have seen in my creations before came from their store and I have a few more that I still have that need to be put to use. This is a mother/daughter duo of Haley and Pammy create necklaces, bracelets, charms and hair bows out of clay. They will also take custom orders, as long as it is not to outrageous and is within their reach-seeing as they make everything with their hands, they will be glad to make your wishes come true. Visit them and their amazing creations at  or

I hope you enjoyed today and visit these to amazing artist. Stay tuned for two more great artists tomorrow!!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Holiday Guides!

Well, the weather can't make up its mind, I don't like writing English papers and the holidays are upon us! Not sure what to be most excited about!! Last night I got a new banner for my Craft Cafe shop from the lovely and talented Tara, I have had her do all my work so far and have not been disappointed yet, she does my banners, business cards and graphics for all my pendants that I create....If you are interested in her work and want to get set up with her send me a message and I will connect you with her!

With Thanksgiving drawing closer and Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping inevitable one has to wonder if  finding handmade sellers will be easy. With my holiday guide it will be a piece of cake! Each day until Christmas I will feature sellers, where you can find them and a few must have items from their shop!

 Aphrodites Attique has a wonderful selection of everything, jewelry, suncatchers, scarves, and hats....whatever is on your families wishlist you are sure to find here. If you like what you see but have an idea that for that special someone just send Michele a message, she is happy to make your idea come to life so that you can make your family happy! You can find her at
I have seen very unique pendants before but these have to be at the top of the list. Liss hand paints each one and adds any special gems that you may find on them. If you are looking for something unique and different then visit her store, you will find a wide range from holiday to wire wrapped. If you like her work but want something you don't see send her a message and let her know, she loves custom orders! You can find her at

I hope you visit the stores today and check out the amazing work that these artist have done. I will give you two more artist tomorrow so stay tuned!! 

Monday, November 5, 2012

Its cold and I'm slack!

It has been several days! I have been busy with school, I started an English class last week and it has been awhile since I have been in one of, I am after all a math major! I am very glad to be hearing from more and more from friends in NY and NJ each day, Sandy did a lot of damage and had a lot of us worried. 

There are 2 great things going on today, Craft Cafe's second shop giveaway with Lisa Boland Jewelry Designs, you can find it @ and a new On Fire For Handmade 'Shop til you Drop Great Finds' voting has opened @

I have posted several things for the girls on your list this year but how about that guy on your list? I recently stumbled across a great 'man cave' picture creator and bought one for my boyfriends dad. He hung it up as soon as we gave it to him and talks about how much he loves it! I won't keep you waiting, I am talking about 
Picture This @
they only do wall art and have so many amazing things! If you need something for that guy on your list of are just looking for something to spice up your wall check them out!! I love their work.

I hope you enjoyed todays post and will check out Picture This, see you next time!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Super Frakenstorm??

With Halloween approaching one has to wonder if Hurricane Sandy wanted to play dress up as well when it merged with the winter storm, lost it hurricane status and became a super storm for the northeast. Right now NY and NJ have so much flood water, almost everything has been shut down and millions are without power, the rest of us are sitting here watching what she does and praying for those that are still in her path. Still waiting to find out about a few of my friends but for the most part I have heard from everyone that was in her path, I hope you and all of your family are okay as well!

I have been busy these last few days, here is what I have been doing. Two sets of earrings, a necklace and 3 cellphone charms-however you can do with them whatever you want... key chains or book bags whatever your imagination brings to you! 

Craft Cafe is starting their weekly shop giveaway November 1st due to weather, Lisa Boland Jewelry Designs will be the amazing shop that will be the shop featuring the giveaway once it starts. The link for the app is

Now, do you know what you want for Christmas? Do you know what you want to get your loved ones or Christmas? There are several shops that have gift certificates just for that reason. You will also find several gifts under $5 and $10 in the shops. Visit the Craft Cafe home page and click the banner that directs you to gifts under $5 and $10, it will take you to pages that will show you shops that have many things in affordable price ranges.

  I hope you can find what you are looking for! If you want gift certificates then you can follow this link and find several shops that have added them and you can pick the price you want to pay!

Hope you have a wonderful day and I hope to see you tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Don't you just love Fall?

I woke up at 7:45 and was amazed at why I was up so early! I didn't have to be up until 8:30 and still was up that early, it has been like that the last few days, I have been waking up early and I just don't understand. I love the weather though, it is cool all day sometimes it gets a bit warm but never hot and then at night it is chilly. I love the feel of fall. And baking, now is the best time to start baking again, summer is a bad time to bake, it is to hot and cakes don't turn out right but over the next few days I will be baking cakes for a fall festival on Friday night that I will be going to with my mom, we make the best popcorn and have the longest line while we are there!

Craft Cafe is doing a wonderful thing now, each week from Monday morning until Friday morning they are doing a giveaway. Each week they will have a different shop, all you have to do is follow the rules to be entered. You can come back each day and enter again to get as many entries as possible. They started the shop giveaways off with my store, here is the link. Have fun and try to win the $20 gift certificate!

Do you have dry skin? I have a problem with one dry elbow, it runs in the family. I have found a store though and they are amazing! Natural Blendings Spa Products has a solution to our problem. They have so many amazing products for so many different issues that you may have. I have Chocolate sugar scrub and Lemon body parfait, I love both and would not only recommend them to someone but would buy them again! They are great for winter skin and smell great!! Visit them here and try them for yourselves!

I hope you enjoyed today's post and I will see you soon!